Fabulous news for EU and Canadian companies alike!

Deeper trade with European Union will increase sales of iconic Canadian products, bringing jobs and long-term prosperity to hard-working Ontarians, say ministers Clement and Raitt

via Harper Government Highlights Ontario’s Iconic Brands as Beneficiaries of Canada-EU Trade Agreement.

I still maintain that there is more power in Pinterest for reaching new consumers than facebook.  I love the idea of branding your popular images with your own identity (as long as it doesn’t infringe copyright of course!) I have a few blog photos that have gone wild over the past year and branding them has really made a difference in my SEO ranking.  It’s never too late to take your top PINS and make them work harder for you.

5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share | Social Media Examiner.

Interesting article on the fight against obesity.  France is taking the step on triple taxing items like nutella that contain palm and other vegetable oils.  The bill still needs to be passed by the lower house of parliament.  Hopefully this tax won’t apply to butter or there will be a lot of uneaten croissants in Paris!

French Senate passes ‘Nutella tax’ to fight obesity | Canadian Grocer.